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 Agies Resources Sdn Bhd is a laundry machine supplier of quality commercial washers, commercial dryers, steam irons, flatwork ironer, dry cleaning machine and aqua wash in Malaysia. A basic package laundry can be set up with RM30,000. Contact us for information regarding laundry machine products, services and quotations for your laundry business or fill the inquiry form and we will get back to you.

Doing the laundry is an important task that everyone will get to do in a scheduled weekly tasked. However, not everyone will have the luxury of time to actually do their laundry manually or not everyone will be able to purchase their own laundry machines. These are two of the reasons that contributed to the existence of commercial laundry equipment and laundry centers operated by professional staffs or with vended laundry machines; without staffs.

Commercial laundry equipment is any machine that is used in the laundry process. These include washers, dryers, and dry cleaning machines. These laundry machines are almost the same with home laundry equipment except these ones are made to support commercial laundry purposes. In this light, these machines are made to work with more loads compared to their home versions. They are heavy duty industrial washing machines and they can literally take a whole day’s work without getting parts damaged or broken very easily.

For large capacity industrial type of washer and dryer system, it would be tunnel washer system.

There are different brands of commercial laundry equipment including the France brand Danube.

 Venturing into the Laundry Center Business

If you are to venture in the laundry center business, it would be imperative for you to study everything about commercial laundry, location for customers, local area marketing and others. But most especially, you must learn to equip your laundry center with durable and reliable laundry equipment such as washers, dryers, as well as dry cleaning or wet cleaning machine for starters. Get us to be your sole laundry machine supplier!


maytag malaysia

Based on USA consumer state tracker conducted in 2010, Maytag is tagged as the number one brand of laundry equipment. It launched in 1956 and it has offered quality and reliable laundry products since then. Maytag offers many laundry equipment such as coin vending laundry machines, multi-housing laundry machines, on-premises laundry machinery, as well as industrial laundry machine.


dexter malaysia

Dexter is another brand that is dedicated to providing commercial laundry equipment. This brand has been around since the 1800s and it has been known for providing speedy and powerful machines.

Dexter offers laundry equipment such as coin laundry systems that comprise of commercial washers and gas dryers and stack washer-dryer machines. They also cater to on-premise laundry machines, which include on-premise washers and dryers, 30-cycle washers, and stack washer-dryer.

Speed Queen

Speed Queen is considered as the biggest commercial laundry machine supplier establishment in the world. Speed Queen is founded in 1908 and it is still standing strong up to now. Speed Queen develops new commercial laundry equipment including vended laundry services, home laundry, multi-housing laundry, and on-premises laundry machines.

– Vended laundry machines comprise of hard mount washer-extractors, front or top load washers, simple or stacked tumble dryers, stacked or single dryers, and stacked washers/dryers

– Multi-housing laundry machines include top or front load washers, single load or stacked dryers, stack dryer and washer, washer extractors, and stack or simple tumble dryers.

– Home laundry machines include dryers with front or rear control, stacked dryers, stacked washer and dryer, front load washer with rear or front control, and top load washers.

– On-premises laundry machines include hard and soft mount washer-extractors, front or top load washers, plain or stacked tumble dryers, single or stacked dryers, stacked washer and dryer, and flatwork finishers.

Huebschhuebsch malaysia

Huebsch started out in 1907 as manufacturers of tumble dryers and up to today, they have been developing only durable and reliable commercial laundry equipment for entrepreneurs and users alike.

Huebsch product includes coin laundry equipment such as commercial washers and extractors, top or front load washers, commercial tumble dryers, and single dryers. They also have light laundry equipment such as top or front load washers, commercial dryers, and commercial stacked washer/dryer. For their on-premises laundry equipment, they have soft mount washer extractors, commercial tumble dryers, cabinet washer extractors, and flatwork finishers.

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