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Commercial Washing Machine Malaysia

commercial washing machine malaysia

Commercial washing machine, or what is commonly known by its household name as washing machine, are laundry equipment that is utilized to wash laundries such as sheets, clothing, and other textile-made items. You can find washers in homes as well as in commercial spaces such as laundry centers in Malaysia. However, the washers used in these places are different as laundry centers use heavy-duty commercial washers unlike the ones that are seen in homes.

A commercial washer is a type of washer that is commonly used in laundry centers. These washers are intended for frequent usage, like on a daily basis, compared to the home washers or the consumer washing machines. For a commercial washing machine in Malaysia laundry centers; functionality and durability are more valued than the style of the washer. It usually looks heavier and bulkier. They may even have sharp and squared appearances. They are also often made with pricier stainless steel to prevent early corrosion, especially because they will be placed in environments, which are constantly moist.

More often than not, commercial laundry machines are installed in rows that have wide passageways behind the washers so that if maintenance will be needed, no movement will be required for these heavy machines.

Commercial washing machine function

A commercial laundry machine functions much like a home washer with some slight difference. Laundry washing machine for businesses are made to withstand hourly use on an on-premise laundry center or a coin laundry store. Most commercial washers are built for the coin laundry business. To start using this type of commercial washing machine, you will need to insert a coin. Then, after that, you can do washing, rinsing, and spinning of the clothes.

Specifications of a commercial washer

A commercial washing machine can have different specifications depending on the brand or model type that you will choose. Some commercial laundry machines have features such as predefined laundry type programs, varying temperature options, setting for speed rotation, delayed execution or timer, and child lock system for safety.

The specification that you may use for your commercial laundry machine may depend on your laundry center and your laundry goals. But, the best commercial laundry machines specification would be:

– Heavy duty
– Made of stainless steel for durability
– Made by a trusted brand to ensure reliability
– High efficiency (commercial washers use about 20 to 60% of water, detergent, and energy compared to home washers)
– Maximum spin speed is higher (2000 RPM)
– Ability to wash even difficult items such as pillows or sleeping bags
– Compact
– Easy maintenance

Different types of commercial washers

Commercial washing machines come in different types. Some washers are top loaded, where the top part opens so you can place your items in there. Many home washers are also made this way. There are also front loaded washers where the front part opens instead of the top part. Some commercial are also built for coin laundry. This means that you will need to insert a specific coin or amount before you will be able to use the laundry washer.

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