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Aqua Wash Machine Malaysia


The cleaning and washing of clothes with the use of water has been done from ages ago up until now. During that time, people would usually go to streams or swamps and do their washing there. And now as the technology progresses, more and more laundry machines have been invented by various scientific and engineering communities. Wet cleaning or also known as aqua wash process is now prevailing in the laundry industry as it does not require a lot of work. Most aqua wash machine products are used in latest business establishments like laundry shops, college and school residences.

The wet cleaning system is available as a great alternative to the dry clean method and very useful for a dobi. The aquawash product comes with an auto pump equipment and industrial quality cleaning detergents. Wet cleaning services is a great additional income to your laundry shop while keeping a low cost operation thereby maximizing profits.

Our aqua wash machines have an affordable price compared to other outside parts and company brand which are expensive to order in Malaysia. It has an easy program to function with minimal training and the time it takes. The machine also can fit into any small to medium size laundry site, making installation an easy task. The aqua wash is designed to be pro environment friendly and new liquid detergent is pumped in after every completed cycle and saves energy and water.

Big Factors that Make Aqua Washing Great

wet cleaning machine aqua wash

Effective, efficient, and accurate wet cleaning occurs through these three factors:

– Utilization of only the best, premium, and high quality computer-controlled washers and dryers
– Proven and tested detergents, which would totally clean and would remove dirt as well as stains from the surface of the fabric. Free from unhealthy chemical like perchloroethylene and does reuse 

reserved liquids like dry cleaning does.
– And, most of all, responsible and well-trained employees and personnel who would effectively manage the whole service team.

Moreover, a computerized aqua wash machine offers and provides better cleaning because this machine washes the fabrics in a gentle manner, preventing any damages with the surface texture, form, and even its shape. These results are proven and tested by a lot of businessmen and laundering experts due to the various features and tools provided by the most recent wet cleaning machines. Among these features are:

– Maximum space and large capacity washing area and storage

– There are different control settings, which affect the mechanical actions of the wet cleaning machines. One of the settings you can control is the water and drying temperatures. Moreover, you will also have the ability to change and even customize the moisture levels.

– Most wet cleaning machine models are already computer controlled and are programmable. You can pre-program different cycles so you can easily apply it whenever you need to.

To ensure that no damages would be seen on your favorite clothing, the wet cleaning machines conducts controlled number of revolutions per wash. This is to prevent too much stress and stretch on clothes. Even with the least number of revolutions, you are still ensured that your clothes are washed and clean to perfection. Moreover, to avoid further wrinkles and creases on your clothes during the drying process, wet cleaning machines are equipped with optimized settings which would let you change and customize the temperature as well as the humidity levels. Pre-spotting may be required for stains.

Benefits of an Aqua Wash Machine

Aside from these totally amazing and spectacular features delivered and executed by these wet cleaning machines, you will also get more enticed and excited in using it because of the following benefits you can get from it:

– Regarding its effect on clothes, you will observe that there will be no irritating chemical odors compared to dry cleaning with perchloroethylene. In addition, your garments will appear whiter (if they are basically white) and brighter (if they are colored).
– Unlike typical laundering machines and dryers, wet cleaning machines are optimized in cleaning various types of clothes and fabrics – from silk, wool, cotton, and even to leather or suede.
– Lastly, wet cleaning machines are eco-friendlier compared to their conventional counterparts.

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