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Barrier Washer Extractor Malaysia

The medical barrier washer extractor is well fabricated, made with advanced design, easily maintained and has maximum cleaning performance. These type of washers are commonly used by hospitals, food and pharmaceutical factories, and other industries where dust and bacteria free environment is heavily observed.

Our medical barrier washer extractor meets the requirement for a bacteria free, dust free and anti static environment. Using the barrier washer and wall partitions, the laundry room can be divided into two separate operating zones: ‘Clean’ and ‘Non-Clean’ zones.

barrier washer extractor

Laundry items will be loaded into the washer extractor through the loading door on the ‘Non Clean Zone’. When washing cycle is completed, cleaned laundry will be unloaded at the ‘Clean Zone’ thereby preventing bacteria and dust from coming in contact with other dirty laundries.



Unit W50 Model W100 Model
Capacity Kg 50 100
Drum Rotation r/min Anti-Tangling, Medium and High
Drum Diameter mm 1070 1220
Depth mm 620 880
Motor Power kW 5.5 11
VFD Capacity kW 7.5 15
Cold Water Inlet inch G1 1/2″ G1 1/2″
Hot Water Inlet inch G1 1/2″ G1 1/2″
Steam Joint inch G1″ G1″
Drain Hose inch G4″ G4″
Length mm 1580 1780
Width mm 1480 1700
Height mm 2075 2320
Machine Weight Kg 2500 3200
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