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Huebsch Commercial Washer Malaysia

Among the many brands of commercial laundry equipment today, Huebsch commercial washer has proven itself worthy of notice and trust. Huebsch offers different kinds of commercial laundry equipment depending on your needs. They have laundry equipment for laundry centers, vended laundry, as well as on-premise laundry facilities. Their commercial washers include top load washers and front load washers. These two are the popular washers for commercial use. Other washers include commercial washer and extractors, softmount washer extractors, and cabinet washer extractors.


Huebsch WasherTop Load Washer

The top load washers of Huebsch fall under the vended laundry category. These are developed and built to use less water combined with high spin speed. Both of these factors allow the owners better energy efficiency as well as performance. The features of these top load washers include having high technology electronic controls, huge capacity for their washtub, ABS or Automatic Balance System, exceptional wash system, spin speed at 710 RPM, and superior internal gears.

There is also a top load washer under the light commercial laundry category of Huebsch. This Huebsch Commercial Washer model is built having the commercial qualities that businesses need. Top load washers for light commercial laundry are built with larger capacities, durability, beautiful designs, front serviceability, various cycle selections, and easy to use manual or commercial washer types. Some of the key features of these models include bigger basket capacity, bigger lid opening, strong transmission, ABS, and extract speed of 710 RPM.


Huebsch WasherFront Load Washer

Another type of Huebsch Commercial Washer would be the front load washers. Front load washers are available on the vended laundry and light commercial laundry category. For the vended category, the front load washers are made to be convenient, have designs that are energy efficient, and better security systems. Because of those mentioned, these front load washers are able to resist vandalism. Some of the core features of these include spin speed at 1000 RPM, freestanding model, out of balance logic, stainless steel with 2.84 cubic feet capacity, rear or front mounted controls, efficient washtub, rugged design for better shock absorption, and automatic dispensers for the supplies.

The front load washer for the light commercial laundry category is built higher efficiency, quality, and durability in mind. These are incorporated without sacrificing the attractiveness of the equipment. It is also energy efficient as it uses only 13.9 gallons of water every cycle. Its key features are excellent wash system, energy saving capability, extra-large load capacity, controls that are easy to use, as well as easy loading.

Under the vended laundry, they also have state of the art Huebsch Commercial Washer and Extractor. The Huebsch Commercial Washer and Extractor come in different capacities – the lowest capacity being 20 lbs. capacity and the largest would be 100 lbs. capacity. These washer extractors are also built with the eBoost technology for higher quality performance and better reliability. On the other hand, on-premise laundry includes softmount washer and extractors as well as cabinet washer extractors. These two are workhorses and you can surely rely on them for your facility’s laundry needs.


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