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Dexter Commercial Washer Malaysia

Commercial washers are one of the basic commercial laundry equipment that you will need if you are planning to have a laundry center business running. Since you will be specializing in laundry, you will need a washer that is also trusted to do the job well. There are many brands out there promising this, but only a handful is up for the job and this includes Dexter Commercial Washer.

Dexter has been specializing in providing commercial laundry solutions for startup and existing laundry centers. Currently they are specializing in two Dexter commercial washer types – one for coin laundry and another for on-premise laundry.

Dexter Washer


Coin Laundry Washers and Unique Features/Specifications

These laundry washers are a great investment in order for your business to become a success. These coin laundry washers come in 10 models – the T-300, T-400, T-600, T-900, T-1200, T-350 Express, T-450 Express, T-750 Express, T-950 Express, and T-1450 Express.

Each of these come with chrome polished doors as well as AISI 350 tops made from stainless steel. They are made tough to get tough jobs done and they have components of commercial grade such as heavy-duty cast iron housings and over-sized bearings. These make a Dexter commercial washer last for a long time.

The non-express Dexter commercial washer models are built for heightened energy efficiency. You can also save more water because of its sump-less design of the outer tub. And, since it has a 100G Force final spin, it can remove more water than its traditional models running at 2 speeds only. Aside from that, the non-express Dexter commercial washer models are also made durable and they come with advanced technology to help all laundry center owners more chance of succeeding and earning.

Capacity per model:

–   T-300 and T-350 Express – 9.07 kgs/20 lbs

–   T-400 and T-450 Express – 13.61 kgs/30 lbs

–   T-600 – 18.14 kgs/40 lbs

–   T-900 and T-950 Express – 27.22 kgs/60 lbs

–   T-1200 – 36.3 kgs/80 lbs

–   T-750 Express – 22.6 kgs/50 lbs

–   T-1450 Express – 40.8 kgs/90 lbs

dexter washer

On-Premise Laundry Washers and Unique Features/Specifications

If you are looking to have on-premise laundry washers for your facility such as for hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, and the likes, Dexter also has the right commercial washer for you. They have two types of Dexter commercial washer for on-premise needs.

   On-Premise Washers

If you want to have a wide array of options in terms of performance, capacity, as well as programming flexibility, you can look for these Dexter commercial washer models – the T-300, T-400, T-600, T-900, T-1200, T-350 Express, T-450 Express, T-750 Express, T-950 Express, and T-1450 Express.

Amongst these models are the non-express models, which offer six cycles and come out to be very economical. However, all on-premise models come with flexibility as well as the basic microprocessor control (six-cycle).

All models in this category are also built with:

– A welded base that heavy duty
– Stainless steel outer tub, inner cylinder, side, front, and top panels
– Bearings that are permanently lubricated as well as an oversized shaft

   30-Cycle Washers

The 30-Cycle Dexter Commercial Washers are built for laundry managers who are in need of more programming flexibility. The non-express models in this category are also built for larger capacities along with a powerful microprocessor control that can do 30 cycles. This 30-cycle control has 29 of the most popular laundry programs for on-premise usage and they have LED status lightings that are easy to read and understand.

There are five models under this – T-600, T-900, T-1200, T-950 Express, and the T-1450 Express.


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