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Hotel Laundry Equipment Malaysia

When it comes to hotel laundry equipment, you need medium to large load capacities for washers and dryers ( particularly flatwork ironers for sheets) while reducing labor and energy costs. This is to accommodate bath towels, floor towels, bed sheets, comforters and other linen that needs to be cleaned. Hotel customers may also send their laundry for cleaning too, hence the need for steam press iron and steam generator machines for express services.

laundry equipment malaysia

The process starts from stain spotting and applying special detergents to remove it. After that, all non-dry cleaning clothes are placed into the washer, then to the dryers, finishing up with ironing. Your biggest loads will definitely be the hotel linens.

laundry equipment malaysia

Send us your inquiry and let us know what you need for your current or new hotel laundry centers. As a supplier of many types of commercial laundry machines; will provide a customized solution for hotel laundry equipment in Malaysia.

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