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Commercial Dryer Machine Malaysia

Commercial dryer machine is one of the basic component of a laundry equipment set both for home and for commercial purposes. Dryers are also known as clothes dryers, drying machine, as well as tumble dryer. This machine technically removes or extracts moisture and water from the clothing and textiles after the washer has cleaned them. Dryers are very useful for people who have limited space for air-drying their clothes or for those who do not have much time for such chore.

commercial dryer malaysia

Workings of  a Commercial Dryer Machine

A number of dryers have a tumbler or a rotating drum inside where clothing or textile is placed. In this tumbler, heated air circulates so the moisture can evaporate or so water can be extracted. At the same time, the tumbler is rotated to maintain some air space in between the articles.

However, using dryers may possibly shrink the clothes or make them less soft since the soft fibers or lint is lost. There are also simple drying machines that do not rotate. These are called drying cabinets. These can be used for your delicate fabrics or other textiles that are not suitable for the usual tumble dryer.

Different Types of Commercial Dryers

There are different types of dryers, but for the commercial dryer machine these are the usual:

– Tumble Dryer – This works just like the home tumble dryer, but it’s bigger and can work heavy duty
– Gas Dryer – Gas dryers are those that are fueled by gas.
– Stack Dryer – These dryers are stacked over the other to save space.
– Stack Washer-Dryer – This is a combination of a washer and dryer. These are usually two machines stacked over the other. This is not to be confused with a combo washer and dryer, which is one machine that can do both jobs of washing and drying.

commercial dryer malaysia

General Specifications and Features of a Commercial Dryer Machine

Different commercial dryer models have different specifications. Sometimes, depending on the brand, they may even have unique features that other dryers do not have. Some of these specifications include:

– Fuel or Power Source

Most commercial dryers run using gas. However, there are also commercial dryers that are powered by electricity.

– Finish

A number of commercial dryers are finished using stainless steel for better durability since they will be used daily. However, there are also a few that are made from porcelain. Nevertheless, if it has a tumbler inside it, that one is usually made with stainless steel not only for durability, but also for ease of maintenance.

  Durability and Capacity

A commercial dryer is also made durable since it work most of the time, unlike those for the home, which are not used as often. The capacity of commercial dryers is also made larger so they can accommodate bigger items like pillows, thick blankets, and bed sheets.

 – Special Feature or System

Depending on the brand of the commercial dryer, a special feature or system is added. For instance, while there are still commercial dryers that have dials as controls, there are already a lot that are controlled by digital screen displays or microprocessors. Some have fire suppression technology, and lint screen that does self-cleaning. Some are also providing programmable cycles, while others have a technology that prevents over drying.

 – Coin Drop

Commercial dryers also have a coin drop before activation. This feature is unique to commercial dryers since they will be used for business purposes of a coin laundry. The coin system detects the total value of coins before allowing the dryer to be used.


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