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Dexter Commercial Dryer Malaysia

Through  spectacular and brilliant breakthroughs and development, commercial dryers have emerged in the market, which aim to make the lives of humans, much easier and to make their drying jobs totally faster. When it comes to availing commercial dryers, you have nowhere else to go to but a Dexter commercial dryer. Dexter is an appliance company, which has the goal to innovate and to better the lives of many people through inventing and creating countless laundry machines and electrical devices. It has been popularly known nationwide because of the high quality service it offers to its consumers.

Their brand has been tested by a lot of agencies and institutions, ensuring that their creations have been built and made only from the best and the highest quality materials, which would absolutely ensure its durability and long lasting use. Through availing the products built by Dexter, you will definitely make the most out of your money and you will surely feel no regrets. Dexter offers many different commercial dryers. Here are some of the commercial dryers they offer.

Coin Laundry Category

Under the coin laundry category, it offers a variety of Dexter commercial dryer models such as the T-30, T-50, T-80, T-30×2 Express, and T-50×2 Express. These models are some of the top ones of their kind. If you will be acquiring them for your laundry store, yours will definitely stand out of the competition, not only because of the beauty that Dexter commercial dryer models possess, but also because of the functionality they offer. These commercial dryer models are often made for large capacity loads. They also have a fully perforated cylinder as well as a balanced heat input and airflow.

Dexter commercial dryer models also have balanced air recirculation that results in superior energy efficiency. Dexter models deliver a great performance that attracts laundry customers to keep coming back. Their beautiful external appearance is made possible by the polished doors made from chrome and the front panels made of stainless steel. But, even if that is the case, customers can still be ensured that these dryers work excellently, which is proven by the super fast drying capability that they have.

Specifications and Features

o   Load Capacities: 30 lbs., 50 lbs., 80 lbs., 30 lbs. x2 (stacked), and 50 lbs. x2 (stacked)

o   Heavy duty

o   Battery backup system

o   Energy saver

o   Large doors for easy use (50 and 80 lbs. models)

o   Coin operation options

o   Natural gas option as fuel

o   Availability of stack dryer models (for saving space)

Dexter dryer dexter dryer

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