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Heavy Duty Washing Machine for Laundry Shop Malaysia

For a laundry business to run well in Malaysia, it requires a heavy duty washing machine for laundry shop. The washer extractor must be able to handle heavy linen loads and function well throughout the day. Usually the industrial type of laundry machines would handle loads from 25kg to a 100kg. We supply durable industrial washing machines made with SUS304 stainless steel material that will be perform well against heavy work load.


  1. Advanced computer system that has 30 sets of automatic washing programs.
  2. High quality stainless steel panel and drum. Durable and gentle on linen. Solid build and high grade appearance.
  3. Equipped with Japanese branded inverter.
  4. Enhanced heating system that reduces washing time.
  5. Low noise operation
  6. Green design, saving water and electricity cost
  7. Ergonomic door with a large diameter opening. Easy clothing insertion and removal.
  8. Waterproof design seal. Reduce wear and tear, prolonging equipment lifespan.
  9. Large diameter drain pipes for quick and efficient water draining.
  10. Super precision bearings
  11. Stainless steel 304 drum
  12. Full suspension springs and hydro dampers


Washing Capacity – Kg 25
Volume of Drum- Liter 250
Washing Speed – RPM 48
High Extracting Speed – RPM 850
Voltage -V 220,380,415
Motor Power – Kw 2.2
Water Consumption – Ton 0.35
Steam Consumption-kg/hr  (Steam heated) 15
Electricity Consumption-kw/hr  (Electric heated) 15
Weight-kg 800
heavy duty washing machine for laundry shop
heavy duty washing machine for laundry shop
heavy duty washing machine for laundry shop
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