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Flatwork Ironer Malaysia

There are different types of commercial laundry equipment that laundry businesses and some industries will find useful. The basic ones would be washers for cleaning and dryers for drying the clean fabrics. But another useful commercial laundry equipment would be the flatwork ironer. This flatwork ironer may be utilized to press fabrics so they can be neatly folded, stacked, stored.

A flatwork ironer is manufactured by various ironing lines and laundry brands. They have their own standards and each of them apply their respective technologies in order to make their flatwork ironer models unique as well as more useful compared to their competitors’ flatwork ironer.

Here are places a flatwork ironer is used

Mostly, a flatwork ironer equipment is used in various hotels, spas, aqua parks, as well as restaurants, hospitals and catering services companies. Usually, hotels and inns iron all their bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets, which they use to make their hotel rooms more vibrant and pleasant to stay in. In addition, caterers and restaurants iron their tablecloths, napkins, and even chair covers in order to boost the appetite of customers as well as make their presentations more glamorous and totally extravagant. In terms of storage, well-ironed linens will always be able to save some space, so a flatwork ironer is definitely needed for these institutions. Usually the flatwork ironer used in these places would be the smallest ones, which are about 1000 millimeters or 1 meter in length.

Flatwork ironers may also be used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other huge medical institutions to iron washed gowns and scrub suits of both patients and personnel. They also use this to iron linens, bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. The flatwork ironer for medical institutions even has thermal disinfection system to promote safety for both employees who are operating the ironer as well as the people who will use the ironed linens.

– They are also some used in the commercial field, usually in industrial laundries and factories. They can also be useful in linen rental companies as well as prisons, since massive linens are being ironed here. They may also be used in for those who are often traveling by water or staying offshore such as off shore oil rigs and cruise ships.

Various industries also make use of these flatwork ironers. For instance, airlines use this type of ironer for ironing the textiles that will be used in flights by both their staff and their passengers. Another industry, which may do well in using a flatwork ironer, would be textile industries since they are dealing with various types of textiles, which may need ironing.

flatwork iron

Specifications of  Flatwork Ironers

– Rolls Availability: 8” roll, 13” roll, and 20” roll
– A motor that is frequency controlled
Nomex ironing belts
Guards for the fingers
Safety handles
Exhaust system
Heavy duty built
Thermal disinfections system
Length size is at 1000 meters (the smallest) and about 3200 meters (the biggest)

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