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Huebsch Commercial Dryer Malaysia

Laundering and washing clothes have been done since time immemorial. Well, basically, laundering has been one of the major tasks in the house and unfortunately, it is a house chore, which is one of the most difficult and time consuming jobs in the world. However, through the various scientific and inventive breakthroughs brought about by the development and growth of science and information technology, a lot of devices and appliances have been built and invented in order to make the daily lives of people easier and their jobs way faster.

One of these inventions is the commercial dryer. When it comes to availing and purchasing commercial dryers, it has been highly suggested by various clients and customers based from reviews to buy only the Huebsch commercial dryers.

There are different types of Huebsch commercial dryer models that are developed and built for different needs and business purposes.

– Commercial Tumble Dryers

The commercial tumble dryers from Huebsch come in a various sizes to ensure that versatility is delivered where it is needed. These also offer quick drying features as well as reduced costs for utility expenses. This will ensure that your coin laundry business is on its way to becoming successful.

Specifications and Features:

–   Load Capacities: 25 lbs., 30 lbs. (stacked and single), 35 lbs., 45 lbs. (stacked), 50 lbs., 55 lbs.and 75 lbs.

– 25 lbs. to 55 lbs.

– Electronic controls
– Axial airflow pattern
– Dual motor system
– Door made of stainless steel
– Suspension with multiple points
– Heavy duty
– Huge lint compartments
– Oblong cylinder perforations that are patented to Huebsch

–   50 lbs. to 75 lbs.

– Electronic controls
– Extra huge reversible door
– Door made of stainless steel
– Lint screen that self-cleans
– An all-belt drive technology

– Laundromat or Single Dryers

These dryer models are for vended laundry. Their designs are top notch and their performance is also as excellent as the design. All of the vended Huebsch commercial dryer models come with a porcelain-enamel top that is very durable to ensure a quality appearance despite its heavy-duty performance.

Specifications and Features:

–   High-end electronic controls

–   Cylinder capacity of 7 cu. ft.

–   Lint filter that is secured upfront

–   Solid doors are reversible

–  Commercial Stack Washer and Dryers

For laundry shops, which need to save some space yet, still provide complete service. Both the washers and the dryers for the commercial stacked version are made heavy duty to cater to the needs of all the customers.

Specifications and Features:

–   Space saver

–   Energy saver

–   Excellent wash system

–   Extra huge capacity (washer is at 2.84 cu. ft. while the dryer is at 7 cu. ft.)

–   Quick drying time

–  Spin speed of 1000 RPM

–   Easy control usage

–   Easy loading

 Aside from these dryer models mentioned, there are also heavy-duty dryers for on-premise laundry or those businesses that need on-site laundry facilities. Whether you have a small laundry business or huge ones, you will definitely find the right commercial dryer from Huebsch.

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