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Maytag Commercial Washer Malaysia

Maytag Washer

There are so many brands of commercial washers today and one of the trusted ones comes from Maytag. Maytag carries many different types of commercial laundry equipment such as washers. If you opt to purchase a Maytag commercial washer, you will do well in learning about the different types, specifications, and features that their washers have.

Types of Maytag Commercial Washer

Maytag commercial washers are classified into four kinds – the coin-operated laundry washers, the multi-housing laundry washer, on-premises laundry washers, and industrial laundry washers.

– The Coin-Operated Laundry Washers

These washers are developed mainly for laundry centers, which offer a coin drop or card reader ready washers so that their clients can use the washers as soon as they drop their coin payment.

There are several types of coin-operated laundry washers available from the lineup of Maytag commercial washer lineup and these include:

–   Multi-load rigid and soft mounted washers

–   Front and top load high efficiency washers

–   Stack washers/dryers

Some Specifications / Features:

–   Meets the CEE Tier III rating for high efficiency

–   Bleach, detergent, and softener dispensers

–   Large Capacity

–   Coin drop compatibility

–   Energy saver (Energy Star Qualified)

–   High Speed

–   Microprocessor Controls for some models

–   Gentle and regular cycles (Top Load Washers)

–   LCD Display (Soft Mount Washers)

– Multi-Housing Laundry Washers

The multi-housing laundry washers from Maytag best offered for apartments that have their own laundry facility. These will allow your residents to feel at home while also ensuring that their laundry are being taken cared for them well by the Maytag commercial washer. These laundry washers are made to also ensure that you will be able to save more energy thereby allowing you to earn more. The washers available for the multi-housing laundry types are:

–   Front load high efficiency washers

–   Top load washers

–   Stacked washer and dryer

Some Specifications / Features:

–   High Efficiency (CEE Tier III rating passed)

–   Energy Advantage

–   Easy Installation

–   Has Accu Trac

–   Option for Super Cycle

–   Microprocessor Controls

–   Coin drop compatible

–   Easy to use

–   Bigger Capacity

–   High Speed

– On-Premises Laundry Washer

For this type of washer, you will be able to do more laundry in lesser time. This will then equate to bigger savings every time. If you need a laundry washer in your own facility, then the washers from the on-premises laundry will be your best bet. Maytag knows how critical it is for you to run your operation cleanly and smoothly. With this type of Maytag commercial washer, you will be able to do the job faster along with more savings on energy and lesser need for labor. They have different washers under this category:

–   Multi-load hard and soft mounted washers / extractors

–   Front load high efficiency washers

–   Top load washers

–   Stacked washer and dryer

Some Specifications / Features:

–   Sensor for Water Filling (Top Load)

–   Energy Efficient

–   High Spin Speed

–   Microprocessor Controls

–   User-friendly

–   Accu Trac System (Front Load)

–   Coin Drop Compatibility (Front Load)

–   TurboWash System

–   Ease of Use

–   Huge Capacity

–   Heavy Duty

– Industrial Laundry Washers

Maytag has brought their laundry washers into a whole new level by developing industrial sized washers. Their laundry efficiency as well as dependability can now be experienced in large-scale industrial levels. For this category, they have developed the:

–   Industrial Washer / Extractors (Soft Mount)

Some Specifications / Features:

–   Built with cast iron housing (no welds or bolts)

–   Rear draining

–  Has the ability to be programmed for custom cycles

–   Has about 15 cycles (pre-programmed) and 30 cycles (industry specific)

–   Has soap dispenser compartments

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