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Maytag Commercial Dryer Malaysia

maytag dryer

Commercial dryers are very important machines that a laundry center or facility must have. In order for your laundry center to be a success, you do not only need to provide excellent customer service, but you should also have the trusty commercial laundry equipment to back you up. One of the most trusted brands of commercial laundry equipment would be Maytag. For instance, a Maytag commercial dryer is quite durable and can get the job done while also providing you with some other values that will surely contribute to having more profit.

Different Types of Maytag Commercial Dryer Models

There are different types of Maytag commercial dryer models released today. They can be used for coin laundry business, multi-housing laundry centers, on-premises laundry facilities, and even industrial laundry facilities.

Multi-load Gas Dryer and Commercial Gas Dryer

This Maytag commercial dryer model is offered under the coin-operated laundry category. It has the same purpose as other commercial dryers except this one is made to work with larger loads and it is powered by gas. Some of its best features include:

–   Greater capacity the other 30 lbs. Maytag Dryer (17% more)

–   Dry Fire Suppression System

–   Prevents Laundry Overheating

–   Bigger compartment for lint

–   Runs with microprocessor controls

–   Front access

–   Fast Drying

–   Display for remaining drying time

–   AccuTrac enabled

–   Motors are heavy duty

–   Energy efficient

 The commercial gas dryer is quite the same as the multi-load version except this one is not made for huge load capacities. Its features include blower guard system, electro-mechanical controls, TurboVent, and coin slide installed.

Multi-load gas dryers are available in the coin-operated and on-premise laundry category, while commercial gas dryers are available the coin-operated category. The multi-housing and on-premise version of the commercial gas dryer is the gas single dryer.

Multi-load Stack Dryer

This type is found under the coin-operated category. This Maytag commercial dryer works the same way as the multi-load gas dryer except this one has another dryer stacked on top of it. The usual capacity of these are at 30 lbs. and they are basically controlled by microprocessors. Other unique features include:

–   Space saver advantage

–   Programmable controls for easy price adjustment

–   Reverse tumbler

Commercial Electric Dryer (Regular and Super-Capacity)

This dryer is mainly fueled by electric. It is made of the premium kind of porcelain enamel and is built with a blower guard for decreased service calls. These are also energy efficient dryers. Other unique features are as follows:

–   TurboVent Technology

–   Easy programming through Advanced ComputerTrac

–   Reversible door

The super-capacity version is made similar to the regular except for some features such as dependable electro-mechanical controls, higher airflow, coin slide, and light to signal machine is used.

These are available in the coin-operated, multi-housing, and on-premise laundry category. Other Maytag commercial dryer models are also available together with washers. Most of them are made to stack over the other to gain the space saver advantage.


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