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Continuous Batch Washer Malaysia

The continuous batch washer has modules that operates independently based on the preset program. The washing cycle is identical to a series of stand alone washer extractor connected together. Each module is equipped with independent water, steam, detergent supply and drainage systems. Since the continuous batch washer does not use a contraflow direction of water, it is suitable for washing various kinds of linens. The drum has 360 degree rotation at a speed of 11 – 18 rpm to give a thorough washing resulting in a cleaner laundry.

continuous batch washer

Maintenance is made easy with drum modules which can be detached apart for maintenance within 10 minutes. The tunnel washer capacity can be extended with addition of a new drum module which would take about 2 days work. The tunnel washer is equipped with high pressure circulation pumps with 3 large built-in storage tanks for efficient water recycle. Water and electric is economic where water requirement is approximately 4 liters/kg and steam consumption is 0.4 liters/kg of linen.

The continuous batch washer is manufactured according to the standards of ISO10472 1-2-3-4, ISO7772 and EN292. Only stainless steel materials and high quality components are used in the production of the machines. The automatic controls are simple and easy to use.continuous batch washer 4

Comparison with other types of washing system:

  • With the same number of washing chambers, our wash load is 60% higher
  • Consumes 50% less water
  • 20% lower steam requirement
  • Consumes 30% less detergent

Besides the batch washer; there are 4 other stations that makes it a complete system:

  1. Press Machine
    – Solid design with a press body weight of 13,500kg
    – Strong rubber membranes that resist high pressures
    – High quality stainless steel press. Linen is unloaded using a mechanical pusher
    – User friendly interface. Simple pictorial displays of various stages of operation
    – Pre-set ┬áprogram memory. Preset parameters can be adjusted according actual linen requirement
    – 3 different types of presses: 37 bar, 45 bar and 56 bar.
  2. Conveyor
    – 4 compartments with load cell installed to weight the linen loaded on each compartment
    – The control panel provides display of washing process information and other data regarding work progress
  3. Shuttle Cart
    – Automatic transfer of linen
    – Multi location delivery
    – Flexibility of delivery height
  4. Transfer Type Dryer
    – Drum and filter frames are made with stainless steel
    – Heat exchanger with large heat transfer area
    – Motors are equipped Variable Frequency Drive control system
    – Large door for easy loading
    – Microprocessor control with duo temperature control systems
    – Steam or gas heater system available
    Dryers are available in 87kg or 143kg
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