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Industrial Washing Machine Malaysia

Ideally, an industrial washing machine and dryer should vary in capacities, according to commercial use, such as load capacities of 15 pounds, 25 to 30 pounds and bulk loads up to 450 pounds. In today’s busy world, professional laundry businesses are the ultimate convenience. For new laundry business owners, replacing obsolete equipment in existing commercial facilities requires careful thought.

 Load capacity depends on the type of services offered by laundry business owners. For example, a laundry business that services hotels, hospitals and restaurants require industrial grade washer, equipment that can handle bulk loads and operate to full capacity on a daily basis. Laundromat business owners need a variety of industrial washing machine and dryer sizes to accommodate their customers’ usual laundry needs.

Agies Laundry System highly recommends Danube laundry machines for commercial on-premise landry businesses and coin-op laundrette.

How a Industrial Washing Machine Work

In laundry businesses that service commercial customers, laundry is picked up in large 100 to 200 pound bags and unloaded to a conveyor belt that that takes soiled laundry to a sorting point. An example is a laundry business that services restaurants. Loads of soiled laundry are separated according to color and white linens. Once these are sorted, the conveyor takes the sorted laundry into a large industrial washer where detergent, bleach and softeners, if applicable, are automatically added after receiving a signal from the timer.

Cycles may begin with a simple fluffing to evenly distribute the load, a fill cycle, addition of detergent, a rinse cycle, addition of softener and a spin cycle where fabrics are spun until all water is removed. Once the full cycle is completed, wet loads are moved to a large industrial dryer. The industrial clothes dryer is temperature controlled to distribute drying heat compatible with a variety of fabrics.

The industrial washing machines are manufactured in durable, long-lasting stainless steel, from the body down to the drum. This increases the lifespan of the machine. This increases resistance to external agents which increases the washer’s use and prevents corrosion. Not only that, a stainless-steel finishing gives a nice look the washer.

If you are looking for commercial laundry spare parts, we can assist too.

industrial washing machine malaysia

Capacity: 40kg
Drum Diameter: 1065mm
Diameter Depth: 628mm
Drum Volume: 558 liter
Extraction Speed: 720 rpm
Voltage: 240 Volt
Motor Power: 5.5 kW
Pipe Size: 1.23 inches
Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Machine Weight: 2200 kg
Dimension (mm): L(1600) X W(1550) X H(1900)

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