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Danube Laundry Machine Malaysia

Why Choose Danube Laundry Machine for your Business?

Danube laundry machine is a French brand with a focus on medical barrier washers along with On-Premise Laundry and Self Service Laundrette types. Since 1989, Danube has improved machine design to save electricity and water cost for business owners.

Danube washer malaysia

High G Force Spin Washers

  • High G force to reduce clothes moisture leading to drying efficiency,
  • Optional AQUABAC water recovery system to further to reduce water usage.
  • Precision detergent dosing reduces wastage.
  • Computerized programs and weighing system only takes in the necessary amount of water.
  • Grey plate stainless steel.
  • Easy access for parts maintenance.

danube dryer ma;aysia

Electric Saving Tumble Dryers

  • Up to 40% energy saving
  • Air Recycle: air recovery system for energy efficiency.
  • Stainless steel filter mesh with wide surface area. Collects more lint before cleaning.
  • Thermal insulation retains heat for effective clothes drying
  • Smart Moisture control detects moisture levels and adjust drying time accordingly.

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