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Speed Queen Commercial Washer Malaysia

Speed Queen is known to be one of the leading brands when it comes to commercial laundry equipment. Speed Queen also offers some of the best commercial washers in the laundry industry. With all the years of their existence, they have created a lot of quality Speed Queen commercial washer models for laundry entrepreneurs.

Vended Laundry

For this field, they have several Speed Queen commercial washer models such as hardmount washer and extractor and front load and top load washers. All of these come with different activation options. Hardmount washer and extractor have single drop, dual drop, and world coin drop. Front load washers and top load washers have single drop, dual drop and coin slide.

   Hardmount Washer and Extractor

This model for the vended laundry has been enhanced more by Speed Queen. The newer models have several specifications and features like having a stronger frame, inverter drive system to save more energy, Quantum system for full laundry control, decreased water consumption, leak detection system, simple installation, quiet performance, reversing option, and quicker extraction speed.

The extraction speed for this type of model can go up to 200G Force that allows water to be removed quickly. This will then result to shorter drying times as well as lesser energy bills. Lesser energy bills equal more profit for your business.

   Front Load Washers

They also offer highly efficient front load washers that were designed to reduce the operating costs through reduced water usage as well as speedy extraction. It also has a double washtub load capacity that gives bigger room for larger load amounts.

This Speed Queen commercial washer model can take up to 18 lbs. of load. Some of its features include a motor that is controlled by an inverter drive for continuous wash cycles, 1000 RPM spin speed for speedy drying, energy saver feature, reduced operating cost due to lowered water usage, and the Quantum system.

–   Top Load Washers

This model is made available with the 14 lbs. load capacity. This top load washer is built using heavy-duty components to make sure that durability is extended. This Speed Queen commercial washer model has a washtub that is made using stainless steel as well as a cabinet finish that is commercial-grade. The wash tub is made to become smoother with every use.

This guarantees that clothes will not fray, snag, or pill because of the washtub. These commercial washers are also Energy Star sealed, as they are compliant with the energy and water standards set by the United States Department of Energy. Other features would include the Quantum system for better laundry control and maximum profitability as well as a four-vane curved agitator for unmatched cleaning outcomes.

If you are looking for the same type of Speed Queen commercial washer models for your multi-housing laundry business or your on-premise laundry facility, Speed Queen also has them for you. Each model even comes with their own unique specifications and features that will surely fit your business needs.

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