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Dexter Malaysia

dexter malaysia

Dexter is a laundry equipment brand which has been able to serve and lead the laundry equipment industry providers for more than a hundred years. They have been able to bring out the best in their company by equipping themselves with the excellent technology, finest type of materials, and of course brilliant employees, workers, designers, engineers, as well as managers.

Dexter began its visions of delivering only the most terrific products and items to people over a century ago. Since then, they never failed to develop and manufacture laundry equipment that set the bars of the laundry equipment market higher. Their products are proven and tested to be durable and contain only the best specifications and features. In addition, they make it a point that their products are built to last so nothing negative can be told by their clients to the service they deliver.

Dexter has been known as one of the leading and the most trusted commercial laundry machine company nationwide. How were they able to achieve and accomplish these things?

Their logo of a horse, which was first used in the year 1900s, resembles the kind of quality they offer to their valued clients and customers – quick performing, user-friendly, and of course, delivers optimum service to their users.

They hire only the best people who they can collaborate with ease. These employees are educated and have been trained by only the best managers so you can rest assured that their products are designed and built for excellently.

Aside from workers, the materials they use are absolutely the finest and the best possible. Their laundry equipment are made from premium quality stainless steel, which does not only ensure its durability, but it is also the factor, which sets striking finishing and style. This one of a kind style projected by Dexter is one of the many factors why people are drawn to use their products.

Of course, they revolutionize their products by incorporating the most recent known technologies. This is one of the reasons why their products are equipped with the best features, which can help homemakers as well as businessmen do their tasks and jobs easier and better.

Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment Types

Dexter has been known with their optimized products and manufactured items. They have set the standards of the market and of various clients who have specific needs. That is why Dexter has made it a point to develop different commercial laundry equipment to cater to the needs of their customers. All of these commercial laundry machines are specifically made to answer to the needs of those laundry shop owners who fit in the vended laundry, light commercial laundry, and on-premises laundry category.

– Vended Laundry

For the vended laundry category, they offer commercial washer/extractors, commercial tumble dryers, front load washers, single dryers, and top load washers.

– Light Commercial Laundry

For light commercial laundry, they have top load washers, commercial dryers, front load washers, and commercial stack washer/dryers.

– On-Premises Laundry

For the on-premises laundry category, they provide softmount washer extractors, commercial tumble dryers, cabinet washer extractors, and flatwork finishers.

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